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Can't access site after SLL purchase and install

I purchased a UCC SSL certificate from GoDaddy and the technician installed it for me. I was psyched about that, BUT, almost 24 hours later, I still can't access my site. AT ALL. I keep getting the 

This site can’t provide a secure connection

_________________________ sent an invalid response.

message on Chrome, on every device, and it's equivalent message on every other browser. I can't even get to my own site to try and update it. 
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Super User III

Re: Can't access site after SLL purchase and install



I'm curious if the GoDaddy Guide you talked to charged you for the installation of the SSL? If not, you need to contact phone support and tell them your issue immediately. Even if the Guide didn't charge you, that was outside of their scope of support. That means that GoDaddy should correct the issue immediately and coach the Guide not to do that in the future. 

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Re: Can't access site after SLL purchase and install

No, he did not. And he mentioned that they don't usually do that. Had no problem charging me for more products though!


I will contact them now. Thanks.