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Certificate Transparency?

What is GoDaddy doing with regards to Certificate Transparency ( with regards to current certificates?


I am not seeing any information for our certificates when following the instructions from Google 


Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks for any information. April 30, 2018 is coming soon...


Whats the update on the same?

Domain owners need to do anything from their end?

Is there any change in the certificates?


Since we install all the certificates in our servers, if any change in the certificate needs to be re-installed in our servers.

According to Google, currently issued certificates are unaffected:!topic/ct-policy/wHILiYf31DE

I am also concerned with the topic of certificate transparency.  I do not believe that the answer is that no action is required.  When I run an ssl test against my site using the result contains "Certificate Transparency = no".  The result is explained in the post below, but essentially means that the SCT is not being returned by any of the available options.  I feel the best solution would be to reissue the certificate so that it would provide the SCT in the certificate X.509v3 extension.  Is it possible to request this from Godaddy?



Support just told me the Godaddy SSL will not be made transparent as they are domain based not IP based. So thats me not renewing at £54...

Being domain-based as opposed to IP-based should have nothing to do with certificate transparency! All public CAs are domain-based... IP-based certs were discontinued a few years ago. If GoDaddy is not willing to implement certificate transparency I am going to be forced to move all of my business to another vendor.