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DNSSEC feature suddenly gone

Currently the domains are registered under Marcaria and the DNS hosting is on GoDaddy, everything works fine for around a year until recently our security audit advised us to enable DNSSEC for our domain names.

Few weeks back, I logged into GoDaddy portal and pick one of our domain (.COM) and I can see DNSSEC under Advanced feature. What I have done is clicked on the DNSSEC link and it show an option to let me enable DNSSEC and then request me to put in an email. I did all the steps and also inform the domain registrar along with the 2 DS records generated, DNSSEC status show as 'signedDelegation' by checking ICANN WHOIS.

Unfortunately, when I log in back to the GoDaddy portal, the DNSSEC option is gone!! And I also made a few phone call to the GoDaddy support and they keep telling me DNSSEC can only support those domains that are registered under them, and not those parked domain.

My question is simple, why I got the DNSSEC option before and let me enable it, with DS records generated? but now GoDaddy keep telling me it isn't. Now, even I want to switch the DNS hosting to other providers like CloudFlare, it won't let me do it because of the DS records need to be removed first. Without the option in GoDaddy portal, how I can delete that?! 

I'm really disappointed for the answers that GoDaddy has given me, and no log can be traced.


To add, we are using Premium DNS service.


Hi @matthewlam, thanks for posting.

The only thing I can think of that would cause this would be changing the nameservers to not use GoDaddy nameservers. If you continue to have trouble with this, I suggest calling Support so they can review your account in greater detail with you.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status

Hi @GaryA


Thanks for the reply, but when I try to change the nameservers for the domain in Marcaria and then change to something else such as Cloudflare, it won't be allowed since there is DS records being registered in the registry so I need to first remove it first. Unfortunately, the DNSSEC option is gone for some reason...

I did try to make at least 3 phone calls and none of your support can actually help on this...Sighhh