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Do I have to display the GoDaddy Security Seal?

Wondering if anyone can help here.


I'm asking on support chat but they seem thoroughly confused about my question - so thought I would check here.


I assume not, but is there any obligation to show the site security seal for my standard SSL certificate?


It seems to be adding about 1 second on my website's load time (pretty significant when aiming for about 3 second and under load) and I don't believe it's that useful to the user - I'm not running an ecommerce shop or anything.


Does anyone know if we HAVE to display it or if it's optional?


Thanks for any help.

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Re: Do I have to display the GoDaddy Security Seal?



I am not aware of any specific requirements (at least in the US) - I have a couple 100 sites and don't display an SSL "badge" on any of them.


It is also a mater of knowing your visitors and if it would make a difference to them.

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Re: Do I have to display the GoDaddy Security Seal?

Thanks for the quick response!


After 30+ minutes with support they eventually came back to tell me the answer to a completely different question - helpful, I know.


After I rephrased the question and sent screenshots, I eventually got the same answer as you've stated - it's fine to not show it. Phew! Thanks again!

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Re: Do I have to display the GoDaddy Security Seal?

The site seal is just to show visitors the site uses a secure connection, not a technical requirement to make it work.