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Domain and SSL Certificate



I have two servers running windows server 2012 R2. Server 1 is my domain controller which hosted our old Records Management System running Sequel express but now only is our domain controller. Server 2 is running Hyper-V and hosting 2 VM's. One VM is a remote desktop host and the other VM is our new Records Management System running Sequel Server (We were instructed not to have the new RMS installed on a domain controller so I created a new VM on server 2). When I built these servers in 2014 I gave them a domain name ending in .local


While we were setting up our new records management system we were instructed by the company who designed the RMS to purchase a domain name (no further instruction) and a SSL certificate to secure one web address. I purchased a .com domain name from godaddy along with a SSL certificate.


I went into the records management system VM to the IIS location to request a CSR. copied and pasted the CSR file into the SSL information on godaddy and was given the error of not a Fully Qualified Domain Name... I understand this now because a .local can not be used as a FQDN... Question 1 - Do I need to change the domain name on my servers to the I purchased on godaddy?  Internally I can go to the web address ex... thisaddress/thataddress/ and will get the not safe advisement and click proceed anyway and it'll take me to the RMS sign in page. Also my mobile units can VPN into the server and go to the internal address with no errors other than the warning stated before. I don't plan on using the address I purchased from an exterior internet unless connected to VPN. I need some way to attach the SSL to the RMS VM IIS  I hope I explained all of this correctly... Any help would be greatly appreciated...and if I didn't please ask away...Thanks Bill   


Hello @wrherlihy and thank you for being a part of the Community!


I am sorry you were experiencing this issue. Were you able to get this resolved and do you mind sharing how?


If you were not able to get this issue resolved, I was able to locate a guide on requesting an SSL for an intranet name or IP address. The guide stated:

  1. You should reconfigure servers to use Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs)
  2. After configuring a FQDN to point to your IP address, you can generate a CSR for the domain name, and then request your certificate.

I hope this helps in regards to troubleshooting your issue, I would also reach out to the company who advised you to create the purchase. Have a great rest of your weekend 😎.

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