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Forward With Masking + SSL?

Hi Guys, I am confused on how to make this work. At my company, I know that the employee who handles the certs gets the domains from GoDaddy, the Certs from CloudFlare and we host on IIS from other machines. But I can't for the life of me figure out how to do this in my own environment. I have bought a domain through GoDaddy, I'm hosting on IIS, and I have a cert provided from ZeroSSL.


With GoDaddy I am doing forward with masking to my IP. However the cert is issued to the purchased domain name. I end up with "Cerificate Invalid" which I assume is because forwarding rather than users connecting directly.. How do I get around this? I am unsure what the difference is why this works at my job but not in my personal environment. Any ideas would be appreciated. Or perhaps a workaround . Thanks!



Super User III

Forwarding does not use SSL.  It is better to point the domain with DNS records, then the server would need to be configured what to do with requests on that domain.

Any chance you can give a better explanation how to achieve this or a link to a tutorial or guide?


I seen in the DNS Manager for GoDaddy all of the configurations such as nameservers and so on. But not sure I want to go and change anything like that without knowing what exactly will happen. (And then end up screwing up the connections all together).



Just wanted to say thanks, I managed to figure it out using the information provided and some google searches.