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Forwarding works as long as URL does not contain https

I recently migrated to GoDaddy and set up my to forward to (which has a SSL certificate). This forwarding is set as a 301 permanent redirect, and I also had the name servers and DNS settings updated.


Now I'm running into the problem where the forwarding works as long as https doesn't appear in the url. For example:


This url forwards correctly:


But this url does not:


I've talked to multiple tech support reps who have been saying that this is a cache issue. They have told me to tell my visitors to clear their cache and never use https in the URL. I can't track down everyone that has ever linked to my blog posts and tell them that.


Is there any way to work around this? I would prefer not to purchase a second SSL for the old domain as I intend to phase that out.




Re: Forwarding works as long as URL does not contain https

Hi @hellovino. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Unfortunately, our forwarding servers don't accept HTTPS requests. This is why your forward isn't working. Traffic coming into the forwarding server using the HTTPS protocol won't resolve. The only way you'd be able to set this up is to have the domain hosted on a server where it has an SSL Certificate installed. You could then set up a redirect to point traffic from your old domain to your new one. There are various methods of doing this depending on the type of hosting you use. Hope that helps. 


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Re: Forwarding works as long as URL does not contain https

Thanks so much for the clarification!