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Godaddy Issuing certificates on Auto renewal without CSR

This is wrong.


If you miss creating the CSR before it was auto renewed you have to rekey the certificate. With standards certificates its just an email confirming the rekey. What about EV Certificates? Do we have to go through the business validation process again on rekey?


Why are you issuing certificates for auto renewed certs? You can charge for the auto renewal but when I go to manage it SHOULD ASK FOR A CSR. Is there a setting somewhere to stop the certificate from being issued on auto renewal?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Godaddy Issuing certificates on Auto renewal without CSR

Please see the following article that outlines the renewal process for SSL Certificates:


If you are renewing an EV or OV certificate, you will need to complete the verification process for the certificate again before the certificate can be issued. 


If the SSL Certificate is hosted on GoDaddy servers, we will automatically install the SSL as no CSR generation is required. 


If you are hosting with a third party provider, then you would need to manually complete the installation of the renewed SSL and an updated CSR would be required.