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HELP- SSL Issue - Adobe muse

Good Evening, 


I purchase a Premium SSL EV with godaddy and have been nothing but headache. I use adobe muse to upload our site via ftp. We have two website on the ssl ev at the moment and only one working that is Godaddy keep telling me that we need to contact adobe muse as they are not redirecting our website to https. Adobe muse keep telling us it is not muse and we need .htaccess on the hosting to redirect us to it. We have no idea on coding hence why we use muse. 


First some one at godaddy told me that we have to get someone to write the .htaccess code and place it in muse. Then spoke to someone else at godaddy that inform me that godaddy hosting redirect automatically to https. This person told me that a link on my website wasn't secure that was keeping my website from showing the ssl. He inform me to remove the link and update again and guess what it works so our jmbelizetravel showing our ssl. now i have orchidbelizeadventure and it is give us an error on why it is not working. all browser keeps telling us that our site is not secure and doesn't display our site. Spent two on the phone with godaddy and not luck. Anyone out there help on where to go? or do?