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Help with SSL & .htaccess

I've purchased multi domain SSL certificate and have spent hours trying to get it to work how I want with a test domain I own before I set it up on the main domain I purchased it for.


I have an Android app linked to the main domain which at the moment doesn't have a certificate attached to it.


What I want to be able to do so as not to break the app for every user is apply a certificate to the following domains:


Making an https connection will break the app for all users so I need to be able to set up the .htaccess file to redirect all to (not https) and then redirect the other two sub domains and to and that way I can launch a new version of the app that sends data to and the old versions of the app will still work as they'd be sending data to the version without https. The app currently sends data to


Is this possible? How would I write the .htaccess file to do 3 types of redirects please?


It's starting to feel like the easiest option I have is to purchase a new domain for the app and forum to run on, and keep the old one for information about the app. This way the old versions of the app will continue to connect to the old domain with an unsecure connection.

Getting Started

Maybe an easier redirect would be this:$ redirects to$

and all other urls redirect to https


This way the whole domain will be secure except for the old versions of the app

Getting Started

I can't close or delete the post. In the end I've gone with purchasing two extra domains (this will be the domain the new version of the app uses)


both will have SSL applied to them.


The original domain will not have an SSL certificate applied to it so the old versions of the app will continue to work as normal but I will start deactivating older versions over time so that eventually everyone will be connecting to the new domain with a secure connection.