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Hostname mismatch

Dear all,


On 7th of May 2018, auto renewal of my ssl certificate  purchased standard. However today my website is down. And when I tried to check SSL there's an issue of hostname mismatch, they they suggest me domain name alternative. I've only one domain name ( my website) and it matches very well. Could you let me know where is the problem. My website is



Helper IV
Helper IV

Re: Hostname mismatch

Hi, @blabla1,

It seems that hostname issue has resolved. I have noticed that your SSL certificate was working adequately. Kindly, Follow the URL and screenshot below. 

SSL Checking





Manoj Kumar

Re: Hostname mismatch

Not sure how that is a solution to the original question/concern.


I am having an issue when I run the certificate checker, I get an error message "Hostname Mismatch". I have searched GoDaddy without a real solution of how to fix this. I'm not understanding what exactly is mismatched. 


Re: Hostname mismatch

Im having the same issue... SSL certificate came with my upgraded hosting so canceled the old.  4 days later... I still have "Hostname mismatch".... my site is a MESS