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How Do I Install An SSL Certificate For A Site Without A Dedicated IP Address - Tutorial

oodson writes, I was hoping to find out a little more about installing an SSL cert to secure a site I'm developing with https. From what I've read, the Go Daddy hosting package my client's site is on does not have a dedicated IP address, and such a dedicated ip is necessary - can this be resolved, and if so, how?



Oslinux writes, You do not need a Dedicated IP to install an SSL Cert. The SSL Cert can be a self-signed cert as the site is under development. You will get an error every time you try to connect but you can still access the site securely. Once site is out of development you will need to install a valid SSL Cert if you plan on allowing secure access to your site.


Here are the basic steps to get an SSL for the site 

  1. Request an SSL certificate
  2. If the domain is not on your account you may need to Generate a CSR (certificate signing request)
  3. Verify your certificate request

Once the cert has been issued you will need to Install SSL certificate


When accessing a site using a secure connection (HTTPS) the cert is only used to encrypt the communication. The Domain, Cert signing, Revocation, and other stuff are primarily used in determining trust.

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