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How Do I Install My SSL Certificate On My GoDaddy Hosting Account - Tutorial

mtshahzad writes, I have renewed a SSL Certificate which was installed on a godaddy hosting server. But the domain is still showing SSL Certificate expiry error.


Godaddy panel is showing following message in SSL Certificates section:


The following services are temporarily unavailable:

  • Prior validation of domains. You will need to complete validation for all domains that were previously validated using HTML, when rekeying/managing a certificate.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.



Oslinux writes, Renewing your SSL Cert is half of the steps.Once the cert has been renewed you will need to install the cert on your hosting account. Go to to see all of your Godaddy certs. If the status shows "Certificate issue" and the Expired/revoked shows a future date then you will need to download your certificate files and install it to your hosting account. If you are using Godaddy hosting you are using ether cPanel/WHM Server or Parallels Plesk Panel

If you are using another server/vps/cloud you can find instructions for various servers here 

Install SSL certificates

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