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How do I know which SSL certificate to download for the server type?

Im new to this stuff. 


I just got my an email to renew my SSL certificate, which I did. Then it tells me to download the SSL certificate but I need to select a server type. The selections to download are Apache, Exchange, IIS, Mac OS X, Tomcat and other... I dont know my server type.... My website was built using Wordpress, and is being hosted with Go Daddy, and the Domain is with Network Solutions, if this helps. 


Someone please help!

Helper IV

Hi, @arubapermits,


To assist you further. Kindly, Provide your hosting plan details

If your web hosting is based on Linux environment. Your server should be "Apache". 

You can also check your server header to grab some details. 

Find the link below.

Enter your domain URL. It will automatically fetch your server details. For a better view. Follow the image below.


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Manoj Kumar


Hello, I have version 1.10.3 of the Nginx server running on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS. What type of Server Type do I have to use?