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How to create a PKCS#7 key?

I have installed the certificate for my domain on GoDaddy.

Now that I created a zendesk account to get my tickets done and using my subdomain, I'm trying to install the certificate on ZenDesk and it's asking me for the crt which I have and a private key encrypted in PKCS#7 . I just can't find a way on how to make it here in CPANEL or GoDaddy. Any ideas? Help please.





Re: How to create a PKCS#7 key?

Hey @Brio,


For ease of use; when using a GoDaddy Certificate on our cPanel accounts our system manages the private and public key for you. Because of that, the certificate cannot be used in other places.   If you wish to use a certificate outside of your GoDaddy hosting, you can manually manage the certificate by re-keying it with a CSR and private key that you manage and then manually installing it to your cPanel hosting. Be aware that if you go the manual installation route, any issues will be outside the scope of our live support teams to assist with. 

Another option to consider is purchasing a second certificate for the same domain exclusively for use outside of GoDaddy hosting. 


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Re: How to create a PKCS#7 key?

After I recreate my CSR with my own private key, is there a special re-keying effort needed or do I just process them the same way I did when I just had a CSR?