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How to direct http: to https:?

Is there a way to have none sll/http pages redirected to https?

For the set domain in my wordpress it is If you click on the link it will take you to that unsecure page. If you navigate through the site it will continue to be unsecure. 


I have changed it to https in my wordpress settings before and locked me out of everything where I had to call to get it changed back. This was months ago I did this. 


I have tried plugins to redirect non-secure pages to secure pages with no luck. 

I feel I have missed something as I would think it would automatically redirect http pages to https.   


Hello, I bought a SSL certificate and now my site result in google goes to a 301 and not redirected automaticlly, i saw the htaccess modify thread but nothing happend, what am i supposed to do?


this is the website


search results Empresas Carbone


Thanks in advance

Hi Dears

I bought SSL certificate and verified but still my website working on http: i have to write https manually to be in secure mood 

how can i convert http: to https and run my website automatically on https?




So i am having a problem my SSL expired and i am not going to buy it because i was getting SSL for free with other products, now after i no longer use it not know why there is no such simple automatic system to do that like it does redirect HTTP to HTTPS, so whenever anyone enters HTTPS it get's a page "Future home of something quite cool" in place of redirecting to my HTTP working version of the site.
My domain is and i request godaddy to remove that page and redirect it to my HTTP site, because it affects my visitors and members.
Thank you.

P.s. i would call godaddy support but is expensive to call from my country.