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How to replace existing certificate with reissued certificate (SHA2 upgrade)

I was able to successfully re-issue my existing SSL Certificate for the higher encryption (SHA2).  I did not need to perform a new CSR, etc.  I just did a reissue.   Now, I cannot figure out how to install it in Exchange (IIS) because all of the certificate operations there seem to be based around the whole CSR process.  (also, I am competent enough to use the Certificates snap-in for Windows Server if that's what's needed)


Nothing changed on this certificate, other than Sha1 to Sha2.    I just want to delete the old one and import the new one... but how?  All of the articles everywhere are about replacing an expired cert.   I can do that in my sleep.  This is different.




Hello @tmenear!


Thank you for posting. If this is a certificate issued by us, you would need to re-key the certificate to change the encryption type and this requires that you generate a new CSR. If you didn't generate a new CSR when you rekeyed the certificate, I'd recommend you rekey again with a newly generated CSR. If you're still having trouble after that, reach out to our support team.


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Is a certificate renewed after your generate a new CSR? Please help we are also upgrading our certificate from SHA1 to SHA2

And I want to know if upgrading process includes renewed expiration date of the SSL Certificate.