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How / where to actually validate company after purchasing SSL?


Details of our problem (might be important):

We've requested Deluxe (OV) SSL Certificate a week ago...

The domain ownership has been verified, and the only thing we see by default is that the issuance can take 2-5 business days and that GoDaddy will ask for more information if needed. So we waited. We received an email saying;


"If you would like to proceed with the validation as a company, please respond with your company details."


So that is what we did! We replied to the email with our company details! Tax NO., name, address etc.
At this point, we received an automated email;

Your support request is being reviewed
Your inquiry has been received. You should expect a response within 72 hours.


Disappointment (we'd like you to read, but it is opinionated):

Now we've been waiting for a week for something to happen. And did I just have to dig through the GoDaddy help centre for information on why nothing is happening?! Yes. 

Are you telling me, that the person sending me the email - "respond with your company details." - did not "mean" replying to the email (in which case the wording is already shady),  but uploading on the website under an already modestly misworded "More info" button?! With not even a link in the email to the page which describes what "detail" means?! Even better, I suppose we've opened a ticket when we replied with our company info and received the text; "Your support request is being reviewed" and "a response within 72 hours." but absolutely nobody could tell us that we're on the wrong track?!


Actual question:

I'd love to request clear information on what we should do and how we should proceed on validating our company information. We can not find any documentation that has the usual company info + telephone number. (the problem is the latter one, we're located in Hungary)


Edit.: Edited to better convey the problem. (Old title/subject: Infuriating Customer Support and Information Delivery)