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I'm getting an error when trying to rekey ssl cert

For my account, I'm trying to rekey with the SSL tool.  When I submit my csr I'm getting a red bar at the top indicating Unexpected error occurred.  I created my csr using openssl.  


Please let me know how to resolve this issue.  I've been trying to get my renewed cert to work for the past few days with no avail.  The hosting company and go daddy are sending me down two different directions.  So I want to start over to see if I can get this to work.  It's been a pain and its hurting business.

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Re: I'm getting an error when trying to rekey ssl cert



In this instance, your only real recourse is to contact phone support or live chat (links at top of page) for assistance. Unfortunately, GoDaddy will only be able to help so much with a 3rd party SSL. They will likely refer you to contact OpenSSL for a resolution.

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Re: I'm getting an error when trying to rekey ssl cert/?isc=gdcommment

Thanks for reaching out. I found the issue. It was how the cert was being created that caused my issue. So I no longer have a problem. For those who are interested, I was using a Java app that required keys to be added to a keystore that was converted to the PCK12 format vs the JKS format. This resolved my issue.

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