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Install SSL Certificate On Addon Domain on Godaddy Hosting

I have a shared hosting plan with godaddy. I recently purchased an SSL from Godaddy for 3 years and I wanted to host it to one of my addon domains. However, it looks like I can only install it on Godaddy Hosting default domain name. Is it possible to install it on Godaddy Hosting Addon domain name. Its not a wildcard SSL.


Please help me with the steps to do so, if any.



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Each SSL Certificate is issued to a specific top level domain.  A Wildcard SSL would work for that top level domain and any subdomains.


However, since you are talking about an addon domain you would need to purchase an additional SSL.  Depending on your platform there may be some limitations in being able to do that.  So you'll want to run this by GoDaddy Support *first*, before you purchase the additional SSL, to be sure how to handle.


HTH! 😉

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