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Installing Certificates On Multiple Servers

I have a stardard UCC SSL with up to 5 domain name, 4 of which Subject Alternative Names or SANs.

I installed and configure the certificate on 3 domain names in IIS 8 Server1 and its working perfectly fine.

the remaining two names which run on another two different physical server (same IIS 8). Question is i cannot make it work on the two separate server the same certificate i used from the previous 3.

do i need to re-key again for the other two? what will happen to the first server which the first 3 is running? please help..




Hey @i9smart,


I'm not an expert on multiple server installations for SSL's, but there are a few things I know.


First, don't re-key the secondary servers. If you re-key, that would invalidate the key and SSL files for the server you original installed the certificate to. Instead, you'll need to export a copy of the key file generated on the primary server you first keyed the certificate to. Once you have that, you'll then import copies of that key and the certificate files into your secondary servers. 


As I mentioned, I'm not an expert so I can't give more specific steps. Especially since the export/import steps are going to vary depending on the server environments. However, your server vendor may have documentation available in this regard. If not, there's a wealth of info available through your preferred search engine results that may also assist. 


Let us know if you manage to get this worked out on your end. 


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