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Issue with SSL Cert & ERP system

Hi all,


Recently, my company's ERP system, which was rolled out last year Aug, encountered some issue regarding timeout connection when users are inputting data.

I've checked with our ERP system vendor and they told us that it is our SSL cert issue.

As he mentioned that it could be my cert issue, i logged in here to check for the expiring date.

Validity Period is 2/23/2017 - 2/23/2020.

I also checked that the SSL cert has already installed in the IIS.

Other than checking on SSL cert, i did ping test to see if there is intermittent on the network, however it was smooth.


What else could be the problem?


Community Team
Community Team

I'm not entirely sure what would be causing that type of issue.  I'd suggest contacting our SSL specialty team to have this researched in more detail.