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Issues with my UCL SSL - Fix needed ASAP

I bought and UCL SSL for 10 websites recently and proceeded to have my sites secured. I installed on the first website: and it worked fine. Then I got stuck. There was no proper documentation on Godaddy for installing on all the other websites as they were not currently on Godaddy. I figured it out myself and I installed on two others and they all worked fine(I checked on all my browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, UC Browser).

Now, just a few hours ago I tried to run the first site(link given above) on Firefox and I could not access it. The error given was this:


An error occurred during a connection to Peer’s Certificate has been revoked. Error code: SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE



The second website I secured also gave the same error, except for the third site. I loaded this sites(clearing cache and all) on all my browsers and the first two still gave the error, but only on Firefox and Edge. Only the third and most recently secured site loads across all browsers with a secure status. The other two load on the browsers with a secure status too but do not load on Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

So this issue has affected the first two sites I installed the SSL on(none of the 3 sites is currently on Godaddy)

I checked the settings of the SSL and didn't see any notice or warning. I checked the history and saw the attached image.

Kindly do something about this ASAP.