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Maintain backlinks to pages after moving from http to https?

If you move to https on a shared Windows Plesk account, are backlinks to your pages maintained?  In other words, do they receive a 301 redirect and your site maintains its "link juice"?

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Wow @Jennn, that is a lot of information to put into a post? From what I have read and my experience there is some degradation in the "link juice" when moving to https 


There are many articles you can read discussing links, social shares, canonical tags, mappings, 301 redirects... The one thing I would say is keep your links to the same http:// to maintain you "link juice" and force your domain to https:// in the .htaccess or something. Be aware that in the future your http:// links might lose their "link juice" on their own. Hope that helps?

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For what it's worth. I use GoDaddy to register my name, but use Shopify for my actual website. Almost a year ago, I switched from http to https. I watched, but didn't notice any changes in my ranking. I both googled my individual search terms, and used Google's WebMaster tools to see where my website was ranking. I didn't see any drop or rise. No difference. 


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