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Multi-domain SSL : SANS installation on plesk - only works for one domain.

I have bought  a Multi-domain SSL,

my main domain is

I have added another domain SANS : "".

Both domain have similar IP.

I have downloaded the Certificate from godaddy, i installed that certificate through plesk, but it only works for and doesn't work for

what should i do to make accept the certificate. or how to get a new certificate for SANS without affecting the main domain?


Hey @Katron


If you're still having trouble with your UCC SSL installation not working with both domains the current certificate files have been issued for, I'd recommend reaching out to our live support team so they can assist directly. Otherwise, we need more details in this discussion (such as the specific error message seen and the two domains the certificate was issued for) so other members can help offer suggestions to resolve the issue you're encountering. 


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We have the same problem on Apache. Is there an installation guideline for this type of certificate on Apache?