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New certificate - paste the CSR

Hi All,


I already buy a new certificate because the existing one will be expired soon and I have an important question regarding this.


As most of you know that in order to request SSL certificate for my servers I have to generate a CSR and my question is: If I paste the CSR in the box of "Provide a certificate signing request (CSR)" will be revoked the existing certificate or not?


note: I am using the certificate on servers and load balancer (BigIP f5) and I am afraid if I generate the CSR will revoke the existing certificate and will affect my service.  






Former Employee

Greetings @saloom,


It sounds like you are trying to apply a new certificate as a replacement to an existing one. Is there a reason you don't just renew the expiring cert?




If you need us to consider a renewal credit (if eligible) or need other help, please contact Support on our website.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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