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New wildcard certificate time out after 7 days

We purchased a new Wildcard certificate for a 3rd party domain.  Originally this was keyed using CSR and a Private Key generated within GoDaddy however this did not work for the 3rd party.


We then used their CSR to rekey the certificate, which created a certificate file they could use.


All worked fine for 7 days then ceased, but only for one function. We received a "Your Connection is not Private" error.


We redownloaded the files and the 3rd party installed within IIS and this resolved the issue.


The audit log in GoDaddy shows that the certificate was not revoked, comparing the certificate files the only difference is Thumbprint and Serial Number, but the Private Key is the same.


Any thoughts as to what caused this error, our 3rd party are blaming the certificate/GoDaddy but we don't believe this to be the case.