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Not Secure Website says the domain is Self-Signed

I have 3 domains that has this error where my https are crossed out in red and showing a not secure warning. It is added as Standard UCC SSL or SAN's and godaddy supports are not of help. I've been in contact with them but none worked. this is one of my website and I am using to check what is wrong in my domain and here's the result 

it says The certificate is self-signed. Users will receive a warning when accessing this site unless the certificate is manually added as a trusted certificate to their web browser. You can fix this error by buying a trusted SSL certificate

here are the ways the support told me to do but none worked. 

re-install certificate and redirect to https 


I hope someone could help me. I've been stocked on this error for 6 days now.


Hey @engage1,


According to the SSL Shopper results linked to, it seems you were able to successfully uninstall the self-signed certificate files and reinstall the issued certificate files for account. Could you share more details about what happened since your original post, in case any other members encountering similar issues need help with this? 


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I would also like and answer to this - it is the GoDaddy root certificate that is self-signed and causing some libraries to complain...