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OCSP response failing for Go Daddy Certs



We have a few customers we have their certs deployed on our network. 

Checking OSCP we're getting an Unauthorized OCSP Response Error. We have over 130 ish certs from Go Daddy and only these 2 were recently failing. 


We've just have a couple more start failing. I've tried contacting the support team via chat, but as we don't admin the account of the cert, I've not had much help. We've reached out to our clients but the issue appears to be growing. 


Here are cnames and serial # of the two certs below and example of the error:


dig +short


X509v3 Subject Key Identifier:
28Smiley Very HappyF:5D:20:18:35:B0:13:9D:C9:2A:44:C5:F7:A4:43:6D:55:30:00

dig +short


X509v3 Subject Key Identifier:
CF:54Smiley Very Happy6:44:0B:12:BA:FC:BD:91:4D:8D:5F:A7:FE:76:51:91:28:39

example of the error:
OCSP Request Data:
Version: 1 (0x0)
Requestor List:
Certificate ID:
Hash Algorithm: sha1
Issuer Name Hash: xxxxxxxx
Issuer Key Hash: xxxxxxxx
Serial Number: xxxxxx
Request Extensions:
OCSP Nonce:
Responder Error: unauthorized (6)




Re: OCSP response failing for Go Daddy Certs

Not sure why the serial #'s ended up with a happy face  in original post Smiley Happy.