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Problems with Sitelock/GoDaddy dashboard and service!

Have just been submitted to TWO days of terribly bad service by both GoDaddy and Sitelock...including lack of response to usability issues with their interface.


Getting a re-scan is like pulling teeth. "Scan Now" and "Fix Now" simply don't do either.

Contacting GoDaddy (7-8 times) repeatedly got me" the scan is cued," Sitelock 911 has priority...and other answers. No option to contact Sitelock EXCEPT 2-3 second auto-closing window upon "Fix Now" that tells you:
Your ticket has been submitted. For immediate assistance please contact (two numbers given) to speak with a SiteLock agent. UNFORTUNATELY, the window auto-closes in about 2 seconds, so no time to notate the info.

After more than 2 days of waiting for re-scan, I finally called Sitelock (you have to go through tech support access.) They got the scan to happen, but didn't seem to think the usability issues were a big deal.

TERRIBLE SERVICE...both GoDaddy AND SiteLock.

(And for God's sake, GoDaddy...CHANGE THAT MUSIC ON HOLD...I've been hearing and complaining about it for 7 years!)

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Hi @MyWordPressGuy,

i like the 'on hold' music but you do get an option right at start whether you would like silence. 

I suppose though by your emotions at the moment that EMINEM would be more appropriate?


"patience is being eroded by social media"

Music: You ONLY get the option to hold silently at the very beginning...not once they start putting you on hold (and believe me I've asked/cajoled/begged). Let's see how you feel about the music after countless hours of listening to the same music for years.

Also...your trolling might be more appropriate on Facebook?

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You make it sound like you went mad before the music.

And no, you are wrong, you won't find me on FaceBook! Have a nice weekend.