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Redirected to fake Godaddy Sucuri platform??

It is 2019 and the Securi platform I get directed to from with the Godaddy platform goes to a webpage copyrighted 2017?!? Also support emails are dated 2017. 

Is this real or fake? As so many malware problems on sites. 

Is everyone else getting this page via Godaddy? I use the Express package, expensive but yet the web platform looks suspect. 

Hope a few of you can confirm this is not a fake Securi page. 




2017 copyright in 2019???




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Re: Redirected to fake Godaddy Sucuri platform??

You are right to be cautious when it comes to being on the internet @flyaway, you seem to have a grasp of what to look for. While I'm not generally in the business of giving a view without knowing complete details I can tell you that in 2017 GoDaddy and Sucuri did issue a statement. 


The old date thing is something I use to suffer from but now I just use dynastic dates if possible. 

Javascript Snippet

&copy; 2010<script>new Date().getFullYear()>2010&&document.write("-"+new Date().getFullYear());</script>, Company.


© 2010, Company.

PHP Snippet

&copy; <?php
  $fromYear = 2008; 
  $thisYear = (int)date('Y'); 
  echo $fromYear . (($fromYear != $thisYear) ? '-' . $thisYear : '');?> Company.


© 2010-2019, Company.

Continue to be cautious and contact customer support should you find something that is spoofing. I hope that helps?

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