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Removed SSL now website ERROR 500 is going to be just used as a redirect. So in February I was advised by GoDaddy to go ahead and get the SSL Certificate moved to the new site which I did a month later I go to work on new site in Optimize and the .org site won't come up it was fine for a whole month???? GoDaddy gives me an article  which makes no sense, and I am told there is nothing else that can be done, seriously????? Any help is GREATLY APPRECIATED!! Thank you!

Community Team
Community Team

Hello @stephp2000s, if you're simply redirecting the .ORG to the .COM, you'll want to make sure that you've properly set up the forwarding for the .ORG in your domain manager.  Please check out these instructions and confirm the forwarding has been configured properly:


If the forwarding looks like it's been set up correctly, but you're still not getting the proper results, please reach out to our live support teams for further assistance.  Thanks!



Hi! Thank you for the response but I do not understand how to get my website back up? still says  ---- This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.

I can't do anything with the website, help would be greatly appreciated!