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Renew SSL for addon domain?

I've had a standard SSL certificate for almost a year. It's been used with an addon domain of mine, mapped to a specific subdirectory. Surfing to https://<myAddonDomain>.com/xxxxxx has been working successfully all this time.


I now successfully paid for renewing the SSL certificate for the next year. The instructions I got from GoDaddy mentioned that if it's used with an addon domain, things do not necessarily continue to work automatically. So far it still seems to work as before.


Do I need to do anything so it doesn't stop working soon? ("Working" = surfing successfully to https://<myAddonDomain>.com/xxxxxx)

Community Team

Hi @FreeBud, welcome to the community!


The issue you might run into is that the billing renewal does not automatically issue and install a new certificate, it just renews the product. Your SSL will eventually stop working if you don't issue a new certificate.


You can check your certificate validity date by clicking Manage next to the SSL on your My Products page. If your SSL is still working, it's probably still valid for now. You'll have to issue the new cert and install it on your hosting account before the validity period ends.


This Help article includes info specific to subdomains:


Hope that helps!





Angela B - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

Many thanks.


In my certificate details, it reads:
Current Certificate Validity Period: December 23 2020 to January 24 2022
Subscription Period: March 16 2020 to March 16 2022
However, as I renewed things for a year, the next renewal is due by March 16 2021


So WHEN is the time to do WHAT?