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SSL CA Security Check

Hi everyone


I have a domain with another provider which comes with a free SSL. I have tried to set up the SSL however it fails with the following error:


"Your order could not be completed because the security check performed by the Certification Authority (Symantec) has failed. This situation usually occurs if the domain name includes registered trademarks or sensitive keywords."


Now, my domain is similar to another however mines is an abbreviated term for my business name as a domain with my full business name would be pretty long.  My business is in a completely different field to the other similar domain.  Both my domain and the other domain isn't 100% identical as mines contains other words.


I would like to try and purchase an SSL with GoDaddy and wondered if I would be faced with the same problem?  It seems I can't actually check without purchasing an SSL first.



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Hello @Elky


I'm not extremely familiar with the free SSL certificates that are offered or the methods they use to determine conflicts. With the GoDaddy SSL paid certificates what they do is a bit of a black box but there are various authentication methods GoDaddy uses for domains that might not be as easily validated by a free service?


On a side note it could be that your domain address is thought to be similar in a manner that may appear to be fraudulent? I don't think you'd be able to get a SSL certificate for domains very close to known brands? I hope that helps?

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