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SSL Certificate Name Mismatch and A-record

I have a GoDaddy domain name, which has an A-record configured to an IP of hosting elsewhere. Basically, "maps" to, which is exactly what it should do.


I have a wildcard SSL certificate for and * So is secured under that SSL certificate.


However, I expected to be also "covered" under that same * SSL certificate. I have found that is not the case. The browser gives me a warning like this:



The server cannot prove that this is The server's security certificate comes from * This is probably due to a wrong configuration of an attacker trying to hijack your connection



I understand the warning and I have requested a GoDaddy SSL certificate specifically for Browsing the admin panel, it seems it is active and installed. However, browsing to still gives the same error.


How and what should I configure to have serve the GoDaddy SSL certificate and ignore the default * certicate that's installed on the target host...?


I'd appreciate any advice!


Hello @Stephen!


Thank you for posting. You would need a certificate that covers not only but also The certificate would need to be installed to your server where the sites are stored and pointing to. A UCC SSL Certificate would be what you would need. 


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I'm having the same issue and am a little confused on the answer.


Are you saying I need to get a completely new SSL certificate on the server where the site is hosted? Or can I install the GoDaddy SSL certificate I purchased on the host server?