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SSL Certificate for Remote Desktop Gateway


I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Server.  I want to use it as my Remote Desktop Gateway Server.  It is all setup except for the SSL Certificate.  I purchased a certificate through GoDaddy but when I try to Import the certificate into my server, I cannot find it in my Personal store.  They are in the Trusted Files store.  There were  3 files in my zip file that I downloaded.  2 *.crt and 1 *.pem file.  The server is asking for a *.pfx or *.p12 file.  I tried converting using OpenSSl.  It asks for a *.key file.  Not sure what is.  I do have the private key but it is a *.txt file.  The last time I set up a rdg server, I purchased my certificate through Verisign and they sent me a *.pfx file and I was done in a few minutes.  This has been going on for about a week now.  I have talked with customer service and they keep sending me links to use to convert the files but to no avail.  Can anyone help me or guide me in the right direction?  I am no expert at SSL.  Did I buy the right product?  When I purchased the product I explained to the support person what I needed it for and he stated this is the certificate that I need but it is not working.




Did you resolve this?


I have the same issue on a Sonicwall device.