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[SSL Certificates] How can I access to the server to install downloaded certificates?

Hello, I have some question about SSL Certificate

We have already purchased 2 types of SSL Certificates, a single one and a multiple one for 5 domains.

The first question is, the main domain and the other 4 domains had been already connect with multiple SSL Certificates. We are using "Classic Hosting Linux" web host, but I have no idea which type of server we are using and have to access to the server to put the certificates in it. I'd like to know which server that we use in our web host, and how to access the server to put the certificates in it.

The next question, since our main domain name had already been connected with the multiple SSL, my boss had purchased the single SSL certificate for the other domain that is not the main domain name. Beside the main domain name, there is no other domain names we have to choose in the set up process. I wonder if the single SSL certificate must be installed only into the main domain name although it had already installed with the multiple SSL certificates. Is it possible to install into the other domain name that is not the main one?

All of the domain names we have are registered at GoDaddy.
Thanks for advance.

Community Team
Community Team

Hello @reszy, it does sound like you know what type of server you're using.  You mentioned having Linux classic hosting.  For those types of plans, we would automatically install an SSL for you once it's been requested.  

As for requesting another SSL for the same domain, that would not be necessary.  You would only need one certificate to cover each domain name that you want to display with the secure HTTPS.  If the main domain is already covered, you can use that single domain SSL for a different domain.

I'd really suggest giving our live support teams a call for additional information and suggestions on how to proceed.  Our agents can do a full account review and let you know what steps to take to achieve your goals.  Thanks!



I have the same question I can't find anything explaining which option and I couldn't decode your reply and was wondering if you could check out