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SSL Redirect

Hi Everyone, 


So I am stuck and don't know what to do to fix the issue I am having, so I'm reaching out here.


We are currently running a GEN VPS server that was purchased and set up before I got into the job. The person that managed the server has since left and now I am trying to figure out how this was set up and managed. I don't have a background in web servers, and I have had good luck with help articles to this point.


A month ago we have to renew our hosting/cert which had lapsed as we thought we were going to be moved to a different server. The new server fell through and we needed to set our old one back up. After reading the tutorials about SSL setup and install, I was able to get cert installs and redirected back to HTTPS from HTTP.


My Issue: When accessing my CPANEL and MYPHPADMIN, I noticed they were not HTTPS and were http with the IP not my domain name. When I checked the cert manager, my domain has a green lock but and a couple others don't. When I select domain in manage installed SSL websites, I see my domain in the domain selection box and the selected cert says mydomain+ subdomains: cpanel, cpcal, etc. 


How do I fix my CPANEL url to point back to my domain that HTTPS instead of the IP address?


Thanks for any help, I am just stuck.


Helper VI

Hi there.  


- SSL certs typically cover domains explicitly ( or wildcard (* so you have to make sure that the domains you want to cover is actually allowed.


- What webserver do you use? apache/nginx?  

~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @



We currently have an Apache GEN3 VPS server. I believe all the domains were covered but the cert we had/have as it's the same from pervious years.