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SSL certificate renewal issue using godaddy.html on site

Running into an issue with getting one of my SSL certificates renewed this year.  Specifically I added the godaddy.html file as shown in the link.  I did this for 2 domains that I do not have DNS access for.  The first worked as expected, the second domain was never able to verify the domain. 


When I called into the help desk I was told that I cannot renew an SSL certificate on the domain unless I disable SSL for the domain even with the file being confirmed as visible.  This is after it already worked for one domain that is SSL only.  All of our portals are auto-redirected to SSL without exception fleet wide.  This is a medical site, and I cannot disable SSL or bring the site down as this is a production site.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get the certificate renewed without breaking HIPPA laws, or causing an outage in our network?  I will never have DNS access, as we are a subdomain off of  the hospitals root domain.