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SSL certificate uploaded but not enabled

I have my domain, registered with GoDaddy.  I have Managed Wordpress Hosting with GoDaddy for the same domain.


On March 26, I purchased Website Security Standard package for 1 year from GoDaddy. As soon as I purchased the package, my firewall dashboard under SSL said "SSL certificate uploaded, it will be enabled soon."


However, my website at continued to show that the connection was Not Secure in the browser and the URL was http, not https.  So I decided to wait till Monday and see if it would be enabled.  


On Monday, March 29th, it was still showing that it would be enabled soon, and my site was still showing Not Secure and HTTP.  So I went to GoDaddy chat, and someone helped walk me through the process to make sure my domain and hosting was pointing toward the same IP address.  This at first seemed to solve the Not Secure problem, and the site went to HTTPS after this change was made.  But my dashboard still shows my SSL certificate is yet to be enabled, and now when I try to connect to the site with Safari on my iPhone, it will sometimes say it cannot establish a secure connection and won't load the site. If I reload it a few times or wait about 5 mins, it will normally load. But 5 mins later it might do the same thing again.


I am also having the same problem with my Chrome browser. It will say it cannot establish a secure connection. If I clear browsing data, it will then connect.  But 15-30 mins later, it will again say it cannot establish a secure connection.


I bought the Website Security Standard package with SSL certificate 10 days ago, how long should it take to enable the SSL certificate?  Incidentally, my site's traffic is down about 30% since March 26th. 

Resolver III

Hey, your website seems to have 2 IP addresses. I did a quick test using KeyChest (needs an account) but here're screenshots. The bottomline - only one IP address is correctly configured for TLS




Screenshot 2021-04-05 at 16.40.59.png


And the second IP address:

Screenshot 2021-04-05 at 16.43.34.png


You need to check where the IP address points and either remove it from your DNS or redirect it to the correct webserver.


I'm pretty sure that's the record that the GoDaddy support guy had me add to DNS when I talked to them on March 29th.  My site was showing Not Secure and HTTP before I made that change.