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SSL error

Even though I purchased a SSL certificate for my site, it and all the domains hosted under it are showing that these are not secure sites. Now all the browsers are telling visitors that my site is not secure and to leave!

I have called GoDaddy tech support and was advised that my hosting account needs to be upgraded at $100/site I own. I already pay for a hosting account,  bought a useless SSL certificated and don't think it's fair to have to pay an additional $100/site to make my site's show up secure.


Need advice on how to proceed to make my site's show up secure even though I purchased a SSL certificate.


Thanks in advance,. At present I am not very happy with GoDaddy,.


Re: SSL error

This is the message I get when I go to any of my websites hosted with GoDaddy. The URL even starts with https://.


"Your connection is not private

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