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SSL for local Profile Manager Mac



Pretty new to the world of SSL security.


Was hoping to create a SSL for Profile Manager (MDM) in MacOS at one of my schools. It is a local network, it is not a web facing website.


How do I upload an CSR for this? I have paid for a SSL but I am yet to create it because I am stuck at the upload CSR section. I can create the CSR on the Mac in keychain, but I cannot upload it to godaddyy, It would seems as though it needs to be a URL.


I am assuming that I cannot create an SSL for a local network MDM?


If anyone can help me please let me know.


Thank you


MacOS 10.12.5

Server App 5.3.1


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Re: SSL for local Profile Manager Mac

Hi @hd_85,


I guess you know that even if your website is accessible to the net, although you know you can create your own self signed certificate, did you not also know that you can make yourself a certificate signing authority. A little harder to do but worthwhile exercise for obvious reasons..... save money. All the documentation is there in the 'help' tab of keychain I believe. But if you want the bees knees on documentation I can find the link for you for tutorial video on


they usually offer a 30 day trial. They are an excellent resource. Let me know.