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Security/Authentication Problems with WOT and Social Accounts


My website hosting and (EV) SSL Certificate is through Go Daddy.


Currently the website is rendered completely unfit for purpose due to the following issues:

  • Unable to add web address to Facebook or Instagram – incites that website content is reported as abusive and against community standards (it’s a children’s author and freelance work website). I require Web of Trust (WOT) authentication was one of Facebook’s responses. This means that I am unable to share blog content from the website, or point from the social accounts to the website. 
  • WOT hasn’t responded to support requests to authenticate the website as it is https and apparently their team needs to perform the task. I don’t know how to overcome this problem.
  • Since the beginning of the month (after the aforementioned issues) the site appears to have been redirected on my mobile device (android). Through Google search or directly typing the web address, the website redirects to: which then points to a variety of websites from WhatsApp to adult only sites. However, I have a Chromebook and this doesn’t happen, I cleared the caches and web history to make sure. It does not happen on ipad either. This further impacts the two previous issues.

I would appreciate anyone's expertise in pointing me towards the appropriate solution as I am just going round in circles. I am a novice.


Thank you in advance.