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Several questions about rekeying, renewing and revoking



I want to create a new private key every 2 years and submit a new CSR when renewing an OV certificate. It looks like both rekeying is possible and renewing a certificate is possible but it looks like they are separate actions.


Can they be done together? The page on renewing certificates seems to imply that they can but it isn't covered in the instructions.


Does rekeying on its own have any effect on the certificate expiry date? i.e. If I rekey after 1 year, does the new certificate have the same expiry date as the previous certificate? I assume so. Is there an additional cost for this or not? I might want to renew the certificate every 2 years but rekey every year.


Also, your instruction page on revoking recommends not revoking a certificate unless it was created in error or the website is no longer operational. But what about if a private key is compromised? It really should be revoked (i.e. appear on a CRL). Does rekeying result in the old certificate being automatically revoked?



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Super User III

Re: Several questions about rekeying, renewing and revoking

Hey there @arf!


Let's see if we can answer your questions...


Rekeying and renewing are two separate actions and can't be done together. You can rekey your certificate as many times as you want, however. It sounds like the article you reference may have confusing terminology. Renewing the certificate just means paying for the subscription timeframe. Rekeying will generate a new CSR. So, different functions. (I may be mistaken on that, though. I'm sure someone will correct me if I am.)


Rekeying does not affect the term you purchased the SSL for. 


If you revoke a certificate, it removes the SSL from your account. You'd have to buy a new one. So, don't revoke it unless you're ready to buy a new SSL. A simple rekey should be all you need.


Hope those answers help!

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