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The key does not match the certificate.

I created my CSR on the Godaddy page, But when I try installing the certificate with the generated key for the CSR I get the error The key does not match the certificate.

What can be the issue causing this and how can I resolve it?


If You renewing your GoDaddy Certificate, just use the previous key file to generate the new certificate with key + downlodead certificate from GD.


In my case, the SSL is hosted on Windows IIS, and the csr generated by OpenSSL (automatic generates new key file). When try to convert the CRT + KEY (created by OpenSSL) into PFX, I´ve got the error "no certificate matches private key". When I use the previous key file, the PFX was generated successfully.


GD Support could add this info at the export certificate page, and at the installation instructions as well.