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Trouble renewing SSL certificate for windows server essentials 2012



I am currently trying to renew or create a new certificate for my work server (windows server essentials 2012).

I have purchased a std certificate and I'm trying to set it up with a CSR I created on the server.  


FYI, the original certificate was created as part of the "anywhere access wizard" (with godaddy) on the server in which I entered the desired domain and the wizard created a <domain> domain/certificate to allow remote VPN access etc.  This certificate has just expired.


So, when I paste my generated CSR into the field in the certificate setup page, it returns an error: "This TLD is not supported." and so I am stuck.


How can I get around this to renew the certificate?





Hi @MarkHDT1, thanks for posting.

You might be seeing this if the domain name in the CSR doesn't match the domain name of the certificate that is being renewed. There might also be a typo or other error in the domain name portion of the CSR.


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