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UCC SANS certificate add different csr for different subdomain.

I have bought UCC SSL Certificate for upto 5 domains, My question is can I hae differnet CSR for different subdomains or I would have to generate one single csr and add all other 4 subdomains in SAN?


Actually I created first CSR and when again I am creating the CSR I am getting the Error "You do not have an available product"


Hi @sud

Thanks for posting in our forums. UCC SSL's can only use one CSR generated from the host and then you add the SANS if the SANs are on different hosts however then you would need to export the certificate from one server to another, but that is not something we support. UCC certificates are designed to install on just one host.

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Even is Sans are on different host than what will be the error, because as I can add different certs which I have downloaded for different SAN's on different hosts, why would it not work?