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Unable to rekey certificate: on 2nd try


I need your help, My ssl certificate was expired on server. and i tried to rekey certificate and get CSR from the test server (i.e. which is wrong) and installed it. Then i come to know that its a wrong server, i need to do another try for live production server. When i get CSR from production server and try to rekey by submitting my changes. Godaddy interface for Rekey & Managing shows me an error "An Unexpected Error Occurred:


Would you please help, what should i need to do to resolve this issue?


I got an answer myself, i was trying on a same session of ssl certificate, which i used first time. Eventually, you need to go back to list of all ssl certificates you have then again click on your certificate and repeat your steps for rekey, you will have it this time.. 🙂

try in Inognito mode and repeat all steps it should work.