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Unauthorized Log In Attempt – Someone Has My Username - WordPress site

I have a question I hope someone can help me with. I set up my WordPress site 2 days ago and someone has obtained my username and is trying to log into my blog. I don't understand how. My username does not appear on my blog, it is not the name I use when I post on my blog. I limited my login attempts and I receive email notifications of this activity but I don't know what to do. Any advice would be appreciated. My apologies if this belongs under another topic, I am new and wasn't sure where to post. Thank you!


Hi @SingleMomsTales


Thank you for your post. This is a fairly common occurrence with wordpress sites. I usually get atleast 10 notifications a week of "Login Failed" for my wordpress site. However it never once mentions my username so I'm not sure how they would have obtained that from yours.


On  my wordpress I took the steps to limit attempts by I.P., so that after 3 failed attempts that I.P. is blocked from accessing the site. Also, be sure not to use common usernames such as "admin" or "dev" "user" so on and so forth, that can be easily compromised.  


Here is an article with 20 tips for securing a wordpress site.


Hope this helps!