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Website blocked at bank

 Hi All

I desperately need some help. My website is blocked by many banks automatic filtering systems. Checked the reason code at one bank that states "URL Caterory : Webmail" and another bank states "Reason of website being blocked : Web Hosting"

I bought my domain from GoDaddy and website is build in Wordpress. Appears that website is hosted by 'Automattic Inc' 

I shall be very grateful for any assistance.


Thank you

Advocate VII

Hi @AamarAhmad ,


Was this site ever hosted on a server?  It looks like there may have been some sort of migration, but I do see a ton of calls and references to  If it was hosted there, it appears you might need to do a database update to point the references to your GoDaddy installation.


Hope this is a starting point.


Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

Thank you

We had an old website on the same domain but recently, earlier this week we migrated to WP. The website was not opening at banks previously either, now after migrating to WP the issue is still the same.

A french bank blocks it as "webmail" and another US bank blocks it as "domain category not permitted"

I cannot get my head around as to what can I do to make this website accessible at banks who are my target clients.

Would changing the host work? We just build a full website on WP and ideally I dont want to leave WP and create another website 😞

Hi @AamarAhmad,


Give the content of the why's leading to blocking, hosting is not the likely issue.  It is more likely content review of your site, perhaps automated, that trips flags.  If I were to just make an uneducated guess, the inclusion of "risk" in the domain name itself may trip an AI flag.


I might be inclined to do something like get an account at AHREFS or SEMRush and start looking at how your link and site is perceived by the security reviews,  seo, back links, etc.  I have not actually used this company, but take a look at  for some really serious security/firewall information.


Next, look at your competitors.  What are they doing that allows them to be unrestricted? 


Hopefully this is a starting point for you.






Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites